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SBR Switchboard matting, IEC61111:2009 Class 2, Corrugated, Black, 9.5mm Tk x 1,000mm Width x 6,000mm Length/roll

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A) Product Name 

Model: SBR30 (Medium Voltage) Corrugated Switchboard Matting/Non-Conductive Switchboard Mat /Dielectric/Medium Voltage Insulation Rubber Mat 

B) Raw Material:


C) Purpose

Switchboard matting is a non-conductive high-density rubber compound engineered to prevent electric shock around high voltage equipment. 

The non-conductive rubber compound creates an insulating barrier between the electrical source and the ground.

D) Scope

Our SBR30 is tested according to IEC61111:2009 Clause under IEC 61111:2009 Class 2, Ideal for Dielectric Voltage/Withstand Voltage: 30,000VAC and Recommended Maximum use Voltage: 17,000VAC 

E) Characteristics

1) Brand Name: GSE™ 

2) Model: SBR30 Switchboard Matting / Medium Voltage Insulation Rubber Mat 

3) Top Surface - Anti Slip Corrugated, with an anti-slip corrugated surface to provide a safe working environment, the pattern surface “grabs” the bottom of footwear, improving traction and safe from slippery. 

4) Colour: Black

5) TNB Lab Test Certificate: TNBR/HVLT-2021-12/001

6) SIRIM Test Certificate:  2022CE0682

7) Product Compliance Status: - 

A) BS EN 61111 Clause Class 2, Voltage Withstand Test for 180 Seconds (3 Minutes)

B) Non-RoHS I & II 

F) Specifications

1) Nominal Thickness: 9.5mm (3/8")

A) Brand: GSE™,  Model: SBR30, Lot Number : SBR30-1, Switchboard Matting, (Black colour) , 9.5mm (⅜") Tk x 1,000mm (1m) Width x 6,000mm (6m) Length/roll ( Approximately 80kgs/pc )