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ESD Anti Fatigue Nitrile Rubber Mat, 1.5ft x 2ft, Diamond Shape Top Surface, All Black, Industrial RoHS 1 Compliant

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A) Product Name 

ESD Anti Fatigue Diamond Rubber Mat

B) Raw Material 

NBR ( Nitrile )

C) Purpose

ESD Anti fatigue Diamond Mat is suitable for assembly lines and other workplaces to reduce individual workers' fatigue from long-standing jobs.

D) Scope

Ideal for use in heavy-duty , Electronic Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Plants, Cleanrooms, Fiber Optics, Electronic Assembly, Electronic Warehousing, Circuit Assembly, Aerospace and Hospitals.

E) Characteristics

1) The top surface ( NBR rubber ) is resistant to oil , acid and alkaline & Resistivity readings at 10e6 ~ e9 ohm. Bottom sponge resistivity is less than 10e6 ohm & typical rubber product odor .

2) Conform to ANSI EOS/ESD S4.1 RTG and RoHS standard . 

3) Available in Whole piece Black colour mat .

F) Specification 

(1) ~15mm / ( 9/16") ( Thickness ) x 450mm / 1.5ft ( Width ) x 600mm / 2ft ( length ) / pc , weight around 2kgs / pc