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Foot Bath Mat, Disinfectant Boot Dip 100% Natural Rubber Floor Mat (980mmx810mm) with Yellow Edge

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A) Product Name

BOOT DIP MAT (Black with Yellow edges) - with Visible Yellow Border

B) Raw Material 

Made of Natural Rubber that will resist most chemicals.

C) Purpose

Ideal for use in critical hygiene environment, designed for areas that required disinfecting before entering , cleaning dirt and grime from shoes and entrances where reducing the spread of germs / virus.

D) Scope

Provides a disinfectant / sanitizing solution for any area, e.g.: sterile environments, healthcare facilities, food processing industries like restaurants/eating establishments & other industries . 

Disinfectant Boot Dip mats are also used in commercial farms ( agricultural ) and animal shelters to remove the transfer of disease to and from animals OR to prevent spread of contagion germ / bacteria / virus from one place to another place .

E) Characteristics

1) Made of durable Natural Rubber. 

2) Natural Rubber offers good resistance to both tear and abrasion damage.

3) Raised walls on the boot dip sanitizing mat hold 20 Litres of anti germicidal detergent or any liquid for hygienic cleaning.

4) Hundreds of rubber bristles with thickness ~15mm which encourage boot cleaning whilst trapping dirt and grit.

5) with yellow edges for high visibility & Cross grip rear design firmly holds the mat to the floor

6) Hundreds of rubber bristles encourage boot cleaning whilst trapping dirt.

F) Specification 

1) Model : BD47YLW980X810 for Black with Yellow edges

2) Our boot dip mats feature a maximum height of ~47mm , Width 980mm & Length 810mm / pc

3) Weight: ~14 kgs / pc