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Nasal Filters

No personal protection is perfect. 

It adds an additional layer of protection.

The First Défense Nasal Screen has been shown to block more than 90% of particles down to one micron in size. This should help reduce the inhalation of infectious droplets through the nose. These conclusions are based on the filtration characteristics of the First Défense Nasal Screen.

Advantages of Non-inserted Nasal Filters

1) Non inserted as to not reduce air flow but increase it greatly by dilating the nasal opening.

2) Non inserted as to not crush nasal hairs

3) Do not touch the inner nasal cavity at all as the skin is to delicate so we do not cause nasal infections, sinus infections, skin infections and irritations especially with the close proximity to the brain.

4) As our filters are non-inserted they prevent the possibility of introducing harmful contaminates into the nasal cavity as the other invention does.

5) Our filters allow one to sneeze and do not need to be removed to do so which is important especially when in a contaminated area.

6) Our filter is self-cleaning when one breathes out so it will not become clogged and will not need to be removed or replaced.

7) Our filter only adheres to the exterior portion of the nasal opening as any internal adhesion can be harmful to the skin and user and must be avoided.

8) Our filter allows all bodily fluids such as secretions, moisture, blood, and other fluids to be discharged naturally though the filter media which is non-absorbent to avoid health concerns such as drowning, phenomena and other internal health concerns which can be caused by digesting or breathing in moistures fluids.

9) Our Filter media and adhesive are made of all hypo allergenic non-absorbent materials to prevent loss of air flow and moisture retention which can cause reduced or full air flow.

10) Our filters are made of all hypo allergenic materials to prevent any adverse reactions to the person wearing them and are non-inserted as well to prevent any irritations.