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WallArt brings your walls to life with her modern and eco-friendly 3d wall panels made out of the fibrous residue of sugarcane. The raw material used for our 3d wall panel is 100% recycled, Paintable Texture, Oil Proof, Compostable and is therefore 100% biodegradable.

After installing them they can be painted in every colour which fits the interior of your house or a new to be created style. The embossed panels give an extra dimension to your walls and they fit in almost every room of the house.

In 2009 in the United States chosen by interior designers as one of the best and most innovative eco-friendly home decor products of the year. 


1) Appearance: 26 designs available

2) Color: Off White with Paintable Texture

3) Reaction to fire Classification EN – ISO 11925-2: Class E ( PASSED ) Classification No. 2013-Efectis-R0236bb )

4) Flame Spread Index EN – ISO 11925-2 : 60 ( PASSED ) ( Test report No. : 2013-Efectis-R0236aa )

5) Emission Test following the “ Principle for the Health Assessment of Construction Products “, of DIN EN ISO 16000-11 & DIN EN 717-1: PASSED ( Test report No. : 39833-001 (III) 

6) Healthy and Safe with no chemical fillers, plastics, no VOCs, and no urea-formaldehyde ( EN 12149 ) DIN EN ISO 17294-2 – PASSED ( Test report No. : 39833-001 B (II) 

7) Restriction use Of Hazardous Substance, RoHS Compliant - ( EN 12149 ) ( Test report No. : 39833-001 B (II)